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Recent Palmware Updates
Fri February 2,2007

Blogger with Google account

I got an email reporting that u*Blog did not work with Blogger with Google account. When I checked Blogger's development informtaion, I found that they changed user authentication protocol :(.
Current u*Blog does not support the new authentication protocol. So, at this moment, the only way is not to update your blog in Blogger to new version. Sorry for that.

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Fri January 19,2007

I'm back :)

I finished my master's program in December. (It was quite interesting, but very time consuming.)
Recently I resumed palmware development. So, I will updates my palmwares some time soon.

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Fri September 2,2005

Graduate School

I started studying in a graduate school from the beginning of this week. Now, I don't have enough time to update my softwares because of many assignments. Hopefully, I will have time to do it after I get used to dealing with them. Please be patient for software updates.

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Wed August 17,2005

PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build17

PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build17 is released.
You can overwrite a older version when you update this palmware. In this case, please disable it once and enable it after you update it.

New features in this release

  • Support auto command execution option, which enable command to be executed automatically when no other commands can be found by incremental search.
  • Support 5-way-navigator control in setting forms.

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Thu July 28,2005

PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build15

PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build15 is released.
PetitLaunch is a powerful command based launcher for PalmOS devices.


  • Allow users to execute applications, DAs and system functions by commands.
  • 6 commands can be executed using hardkeys also.
  • Commands are searched incrementaly and compensated.
  • Commands' names are configurable as you want.

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Sun May 29,2005

Settings for major blog services

I add setting informations for major blog services;, TypePad and MovableType; to u*Blog manual. If you know settings for other blog services, please let me know.

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Sun May 22,2005

u*Blog is registerd at PalmGear

I've been so busy for last few weeks that I couldn't do anything related to development. But today, at last, I registerd u*Blog at PalmGear. Please let me know your impressions via comment and trackback when you try u*Blog :)

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