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What's u*Blog

u*Blog is a blog client for PalmOS.

Main features




How to install

Install uBlog.prc to your palm. JISX0280ToUnicode.pdb and UnicodeToJISX0280.pdb are databases to support Japanese Charactors.

JpegLib.prc must be installed if you want to preview Jpeg files. JpegLib.prc can be downloaded from URL below.
Thank you Yves Piguet for distributing such a useful library :)


How to use

Entry List

Entry list

All entries in a palm device are listed in this form.
Icons in left side show entry statuses.

PalmNot posted
PencilEdited after being Posted

When you use u*Blog for the first time. You have to tap popup trigger labeled as "NewBlog" and configure Blog Setting.
You can switch blogs by tapping same popup trigger.
When you tap New Post or existing entries, you can edit a entry.
Icon in right bottom shows network status, orange means Connected and gray means Disconnected. You can switch these status by tappin this icon.


Edit Entry

Edit entry

You can edit an entry in this form.

Back IconSave this entry in a palm device and back to a entry list form.
Trash IconDelete this entry from a palm device.
Tool IconConfigure Detail setting
Clip IconAttach files to this entry.
Post IconPost this entry to a blog.
Tag IconInsert HTML tags and templates registered.

To register HTML tags and templates, tap Edit Tags... in the list shown when you tap Tag icon. Tag edit form will be shown.
When you edit a posted entry and post it again the old entry will be overwritten.
When you wirte <extend> in a body, later part is handled as Extend
You can write Keywords and Excerpt by choosing menu.


Attach Files


When you tap Clip Icon in Edit entry form, Attach file form popups.
In this form you can attach files up to 3.
Files of any types can be attached.

BackClose Attached files form.
Preview IconShow selected file.(Jpeg only)
Clip+ IconShow a file list.
Trash IconDelete a selected file form an attached file list.

Select file

When you tap Clip+ Icon in Attach file form, files in a directory indicated by application setting are listed. Select a file you want and tap Select button to attach it.
You can also preview and rename files in this form.


Entry Setting

Entry setting

In this form detail settings are set.

Only settings which can be used selected XMLRPC Type are shown. Screenshot shows MovableType settings.

To get a category list, tap Reload... in the Category popup list.
Category tiltes must be less than 64 letters and the number of categories must be less than 32.
Trackback ping will be sent to URLs indicated by Ping URL.
When an entry is posted without date and time, current time is used as Datecreatd.

When Save as Default is tapped, all settings are save as default and they are applied to new entries.


Register HTML Tags

register HTML

In this form HTML tags and templates can be registerd.

Edit HTML tag

When New button or Edit button is tapped, this form will be shown.
Configure name and tag.
These macros shown below can be used in tag.

%sSelected string when Tag Icon is tapped
%fAttached file name


Blog Setting


In this form you can configure blog settings

NameSet blog name
TypeChoose XMLRPC API Type supported by your blog.
User NameAccount name
PasswordAccount password
HostHost of your blog. See below for more detail
XML-RPC PathXMLRPC path of your blog. See below for more detail
BlogIDConfigure all settings except this and tap Find button. Blog names will be listed. Then choose one and Blog ID will be set automatically.

Set Host and XMLRPC Path as indicated below

  1. Find out XMLRPC Path of your blog.
    In MovableType, mt-xmlrpc.cgi in mt directory is the file.
  2. For example, when XMLRPC Path is
    Host:From next letter of http:// to the end of domain (in this case )
    XMLRPC Path:from the end of domain to the end of the path (in this case /cgi/mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi )

More Blog Setting


In this form you can configure blog setting more in detail.

PortIn most case use default value.
TimeoutIncrease this when your blog sever is too slow.
Image Archive PathSet upload directory for attached files in relative path from your blog. Take care no / is at the top of this path.B
Use UTC as date createdThis setting is for some Japanese blog service. Leave it as default.


Application Setting

Application Setting

In this form you can set application setting.

Image PathInput image archive path in externail memory. Files in the directory indicated by this setting are listed when you choose files to attach.
Line ColorChoose a color you like :)


Setting for major blog services

User nameYour account name
PasswordYour password
XMLRPC Path/api/RPC2
Blog IDplease use Find


User nameYour account name
PasswordYour password
XMLRPC Path/t/api
Blog IDplease use Find


User nameYour account name
PasswordYour password
HostYour host
XMLRPC PathPath to mt-xmlrpc.cgi from http://yourhost/
For example, assuming mt-xmlrpc.cgi is at, set /cgi/mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi here.
Blog IDplease use Find


Opinions and Ideas

Send me e-mails
Any e-mail is welcome but SPAM ;-)


Bug Report

When you find bugs, please let me know.

At that time send me infomations below to make debugging easier.
  • Version of u*Blog
  • Name of blog service you are using
  • URL of target blog
  • Your palm device name
  • Version of PalmOS
  • Detail about bugs ( How to make it happen again )


This palmware is developed by EIJ